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Now available in Australia

Due to an ever increasing demand for Airlink’s high quality transformer products if you are in Australia, you can deal direct with our office in WA.
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Balanced Power Supply

Conditioning Balanced Power Supply

Isolating your audio system from the mains power is an effective way to reduce mains interference.

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Voltage Converters

Run your Japanese or American appliances or equipment in Australia.

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At the heart of all our products is the secret to our success

Everyone of our products is built with our own, hand crafted toroidal transformers. This has been the secret to our 30 year success as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of transformers.

Built with the best military grade steel that can be bought and made by hand in our factory in Harlow, these transformers have been built into iconic equipment such as Peavey Amps, General Electric, dyson and more.

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Toroidal Transformer
General Electric

Galvanic Protection for your boat.

Separate your land power supply from your boat and stop galvanic corrosion in it’s tracks.

There are several solutions to preventing corrosion on a boat but the most effective is to separate the supply from your craft with an isolating power supply.

“…the Isolation Transformer should be chosen on the basis of providing COMPLETE isolation of the onboard electrical system from the shore power system.”
Michael Kasten
Kasten Marine

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For a technical and unbiased article on why isolation transformers are a better solution than the galvaic isolator, click here.

“The only alternative is to fit an isolation transformer.”
CW Gibson
Smart Gauge

“The ultimate solution for most of these problems is the isolation transformer.”
Steve D’Antonio
Passage Maker Magazine

Click here for an article by Waterways Magazine on our boat transformers as used on house boats in the UK.

Industrial Transformer

Industrial Isolation Transformers

Power conversion and safety for heavy loads.

Protect against electric shock, suppress electrical noise in sensitive devices with the option of driving equipment needing a different voltage from our mains 240v.

Our general purpose wall or floor mounting safety isolating transformers are ideal for use in the garage, workshop or industrial premises.

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